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Welcome to a new chapter in this crazy journey we call “life.”

I quietly took up painting about years ago to help sort through my thoughts and emotions. What’s come out of it has been… interesting. Several people have asked when I’m going to start selling and taking commissions.

Here is my official jump into that crazy world. Welcome. Check out my Instagram (@MissRuth1021) for paintings, designs, and random travel and food pictures. I’ll be posting paintings and projects there first and showcasing them here.

I am currently designing three suitcases and will post them when completed. I also paint unconventional items such as assistive devices (canes and walkers), flower pots, small tables (shipping may be restricted to local area codes depending on the size of the project), etc.

Contact me at for commission and special project pricing or questions.


Beauty in the Broken Pieces – SOLD


Blue Line – SOLD






Flower Pot – SOLD