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All the blogs out there, I’m sure, have their own “Happy New Year! New Me, New You!” posts going on. I hope to merely impart a small bit of advice to you (and me) before the clocks strikes midnight and 2016 begins. Also, while everyone is out celebrating, I’ll be in bed (let’s be honest here, I’m in bed right now with all the lights off, typing this up). I’m tired and bed sounds nice, so this is my last official action of 2015. The new year will be around when I wake up in the morning.
For better or worse, we’ve made it through another year. Some didn’t. With mere hours left in this crazy, wild, adventurous year, some still won’t. Some will barely make it into 2016 before passing away. But, to those who make into another year, I encourage you (and me) to:

Learn. Learn from the past. Learn from the failures. Learn from the successes.

Give. Give your time. Give your talents. Give to those who have nothing to give back.

Create. Create moments. Create memories. Create connections outside of the Internet. Create adventure.

Make. Make mistakes. Make someone smile. Make cookies. Make joy.

Forgive. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.

Be. Be goofy. Be weird. Be happy. Be a misfit. Be amazing. Be you.

Remember. Remember who you are. Remember your dreams. Remember your beginnings. Remember you’re not alone.

Seek. Seek peace. Seek more. Seek help. Seek God.

Love. Love without reservation. Love those around you. Love yourself.

Live. Live wholly and completely.


Buzzfeed has another fun list (and when don’t they?) This one is 24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing. I began my rant as a mini on Facebook then realized, it was better to just lay it out here.

Seriously coupled up folks, stop it. I’m so tired of the whole list, but especially #1, #2, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #17 ALL FLIPPING DARN DAY, #23, and #24. Here are my responses to those:

#1: Hurts the most. Yes, as my friends, y’all think I’m great. Thank you. Last October I was called out with a variation of this while sitting in studio and on air during a live interview by a wonderful woman and friend. How do you respond to that, especially with I don’t want to know how many tens of thousands of people listening? I have many wonderful qualities but hey, I’m still human and have flaws. My flaws don’t mix with everyone and everyone’s flaws don’t mix with me. Chemistry is funny that way.

#2: Trust me, I’ve been in a place where I stopped expecting/looking/thinking about it and guess what? Nothing happened! Sorry to ruin your cardboard pep talk.

#5: I see people everywhere. Currently I’m looking at the person I want to deck for asking me ONE MORE FLIPPIN’ TIME “Are you seeing anyone?”

#6: I’m so happy you met your spouse online. Good for you. I don’t have the time nor the patience to flip through one more stinking website when I spend close to 14 hours a day online working already. I’m also online interacting with predominantly like-minded people so if meeting someone online is going to happen, I have a better shot that way than with a random computer generated match.

And #7? Telling me, “He doesn’t deserve you,” doesn’t help. Sometimes I don’t deserve him. Sometimes that’s fact. It’s not cruel. It’s not low self-esteem. It’s reality.

#8: See my response to #1 and add *eyeroll*.

#9: Don’t worry. They’ll find your body someday. Right next to Jimmy Hoffa.

#17: So what? I’m busy doing, being, going. I’m busy talking to, meeting, networking, traveling. I talk to more people in a weekend at one of these events I go to than some people do in 6 months. So I’m out there. I’m meeting people. I’m meeting men. Apparently not the right one yet. And I know it’s sucky but reminding me of that doesn’t make it better.

#23: So because I’m still single I’ve given up? Or because I’ve lamented over brownies and ice cream during a girls’ night in that there seems to be a lack of decent guys, I’ve thrown in the towel? Um.. No. Sometimes a girl (or guy) needs to vent in the safety circle of carbs, sugar, and gal pals. So just stop.

#24: YES I DO! Oh my heavens! Don’t you know me??? I’m a spazz! I’m so awkward. My calendar cries under the stress I put it through. I very much need someone. Am I making it solo? Yup. And making it look easy and fun. But deep down, I really do need someone and there’s nothing wrong with that.

*Here endeth the rant*