Okay, so since I began sharing via social media the food I create, people have begged for the recipes and several have poked at me about a cookbook. The big problem? I don’t make a habit of writing down what I do in the kitchen. For me cooking and baking is about how I feel or trying to put a flavor to what I feel. Cooking is pure passion and emotion. Exactness has no place in my kitchen- honest. I have measuring cups and spoons but use them more as estimating shovels than tools of science (contrary to friends of mine who insist baking IS a science and requires accurate measurements). It’s been a fun journey and my food has traveled across the country to friends who brag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram when their packages arrive.

Last year my cooking exploits took an unexpected turn into gluten free and paleo. And more people tried to bribe me for new recipes on old favorites I’ve modified to be easy, delicious alternatives to gluten-laden foods. Enter my amazingly patient friend, Ginny Kruta- the gluten free wife of a baker who can’t eat a single bite of her husband’s work. She’s more disciplined in the kitchen than I am and jumped on board the cookbook train. She kept me on track when I wanted to give up. She reminded me to WRITE DOWN what I was throwing together. She randomly lobbed ideas at me. And most importantly, she encouraged me.

And after months of interstate collaborating and traveling we’ve released our holiday preview of Barefoot and Gluten Free on Amazon.com for $2.99. We take you from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day- three meals a day- and we help you figure out what to do with all those leftovers. The full cookbook will be available Spring of 2015 if Ginny can keep me on track and writing down what I do! Snag your digital copy and have a wonderful holiday season!


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