Yes I’m Single. Leave Me Alone About It!

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Buzzfeed has another fun list (and when don’t they?) This one is 24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing. I began my rant as a mini on Facebook then realized, it was better to just lay it out here.

Seriously coupled up folks, stop it. I’m so tired of the whole list, but especially #1, #2, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #17 ALL FLIPPING DARN DAY, #23, and #24. Here are my responses to those:

#1: Hurts the most. Yes, as my friends, y’all think I’m great. Thank you. Last October I was called out with a variation of this while sitting in studio and on air during a live interview by a wonderful woman and friend. How do you respond to that, especially with I don’t want to know how many tens of thousands of people listening? I have many wonderful qualities but hey, I’m still human and have flaws. My flaws don’t mix with everyone and everyone’s flaws don’t mix with me. Chemistry is funny that way.

#2: Trust me, I’ve been in a place where I stopped expecting/looking/thinking about it and guess what? Nothing happened! Sorry to ruin your cardboard pep talk.

#5: I see people everywhere. Currently I’m looking at the person I want to deck for asking me ONE MORE FLIPPIN’ TIME “Are you seeing anyone?”

#6: I’m so happy you met your spouse online. Good for you. I don’t have the time nor the patience to flip through one more stinking website when I spend close to 14 hours a day online working already. I’m also online interacting with predominantly like-minded people so if meeting someone online is going to happen, I have a better shot that way than with a random computer generated match.

And #7? Telling me, “He doesn’t deserve you,” doesn’t help. Sometimes I don’t deserve him. Sometimes that’s fact. It’s not cruel. It’s not low self-esteem. It’s reality.

#8: See my response to #1 and add *eyeroll*.

#9: Don’t worry. They’ll find your body someday. Right next to Jimmy Hoffa.

#17: So what? I’m busy doing, being, going. I’m busy talking to, meeting, networking, traveling. I talk to more people in a weekend at one of these events I go to than some people do in 6 months. So I’m out there. I’m meeting people. I’m meeting men. Apparently not the right one yet. And I know it’s sucky but reminding me of that doesn’t make it better.

#23: So because I’m still single I’ve given up? Or because I’ve lamented over brownies and ice cream during a girls’ night in that there seems to be a lack of decent guys, I’ve thrown in the towel? Um.. No. Sometimes a girl (or guy) needs to vent in the safety circle of carbs, sugar, and gal pals. So just stop.

#24: YES I DO! Oh my heavens! Don’t you know me??? I’m a spazz! I’m so awkward. My calendar cries under the stress I put it through. I very much need someone. Am I making it solo? Yup. And making it look easy and fun. But deep down, I really do need someone and there’s nothing wrong with that.

*Here endeth the rant*

  1. gilesmck says:

    Seconded. I also like that ‘Jimmy Hoffa’ is a tag for this blog post.

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