Our most leisurely day of all but also, the reason we came: Baking Day!

nyc 2013 071


nyc 2013 090


We moseyed to the NYSE,

nyc 2013 028

stumbled upon Nanny Bloomberg on the way,

nyc 2013 010

stood where President George Washington took his oath of office,

nyc 2013 032

Tiffany & Co. customer service was terrible, and amazing NYC diner food is amazing.

nyc 2013 103

I can’t stress how sweet and fun Jedediah Bila is to hang with. And her dog, Emma, adores me. Bonus!

nyc 2013 091 nyc 2013 092If you’re interested in helping us get home, you can donate here using my email- missruth1021@gmail.com.

  1. missruth1021 says:

    Reblogged this on The Open Door and commented:

    Day 4 in NYC and baking with Jedediah Bila was so fun!

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