Today was  a fun day. We were up early- 5:30ish- but lazed around for a bit. We hit 5th Avenue, wandered through FAO Schwartz, and I went to my favorite store of all: Louis Vuitton. We spent late afternoon at Fox Studios with Jedediah Bila while she taped segments with Neil Cavuto.

nyc 2013 041

Bill Schulz joined us for a short time in the green room, and yes, he is completely nuts! It is not an act for t.v.

nyc 2013 048

I was invited to sit in on Jedediah’s second segment with Cavuto, stood where Red Eye is taped, and made myself at home with the infamous Curvy Couch. Neil Cavuto is a nice guy and Megyn Kelly is an adorable pregnant woman. Poor Jennie’s feet hate her and my legs are about to detach from my body and beat me for the abuse inflicted on them!

Tomorrow we bake!

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    Day 3 pushed the walking limits but was worth it!

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