#Bacon Brownies Are Coming To #CPAC2013

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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bacon brownies

Like every good, conservative woman I know my place is in the kitchen. Unfortunately I can’t take my kitchen with me when I travel. The good news? A wonderful friend and the host of The Delivery, Jimmie Bise, is lending his kitchen so I can bake my famous Bacon Brownies during CPAC.

In order to make enough to go around, we need donations to purchase the supplies. Each batch of brownies is made from scratch with 2 pounds of bacon. This isn’t cheap but well worth every dollar you donate. Leave your name in the comments so I can put you on the list of guaranteed Bacon Brownie recipients. Tweet me @MissRuth1021 to make sure we’re following each other. Meeting places to get your brownies will be coordinated on Twitter and in the comments section.

  1. #Bacon Brownies Are Coming To #CPAC2013 | The Open Door says:

    […] #Bacon Brownies Are Coming To #CPAC2013. […]

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