Reconciling the Trade Off of Campaigning

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This was my first campaign. Until last year, I’d never been involved in politics more than vaguely familiarizing myself with the issues and voting. Andrew Breitbart and the whole Breitbart crew changed that. I’m heartbroken. Completely devastated. Maybe for many of you, you already knew the risks of defeat no matter what you put into a campaign but this has been new territory every step of the way and I’ve mostly felt lost and alone in the process.

Like the rest of you I put in countless hours of watching the news cycles, responding, blogging, tweeting, conversing, calling, GOTV, etc. I’ve traveled across half the country and met amazing people along the way. I’ve invested time and money I didn’t really have to invest and given up luxuries and even several life basics to keep up with everything and given whatever of me I could. I risked my health on more than a few occasions to keep momentum going. I ignored my family and completely put off dealing with the death of the only uncle I’ve ever had any kind of relationship with because he died less than a month before election day and, baby, we had a country to save! All of this for the sake of trying to help turn this crazy train around. And I’ve failed. No matter what, I’ve failed. There’s always something more each of us could have done, should have done. I’m angry and hurt but can’t blame anyone else for the shortcomings found within and not without.

No amount of preparation could have prepared me for the intense lack felt within after pouring out so much of myself. We will continue to grow in strength. We will carry on. We will fight. But for now, I’m just trying to come to terms with how much life I forfeited just to lose anyway.

  1. In the final analysis, other people have free will. You made the right choice to fight for what you believe in, they made the wrong choice to vote for living at the expense of others.

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